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Yarn Bomb: Rainbow (Pride 2018)

Happy Pride everyone! For the last month, in every direction you look, rainbows have been adorning buildings, walkways, coffee cups, people...heck, practically everything to celebrate Pride 2018. So I decided I'd add my own personal touch to the festivities in the form of a yarn bomb ;)

I started the project a few weeks ago. I crocheted it freehand (i.e. no pattern on hand - right off the top of my head!).

Completed rainbow without clouds

I could have left it at that, just a rainbow, but I wanted to add some clouds for embellishment. They were super easy, seven circles - three small and four large.

The artwork hung on my wall for a few weeks before I took it out into the public. A few days before pride, I sewed the clouds onto the bottom and attached yarn around the edge of the rainbow to tie the artwork onto the fence I had chosen.

A work in progress: before sewing the clouds onto the rainbow

Ready for installation!

Tying it to the fence was very easy and fast! Unfortunately, the rainbow loses a bit of its curved shape as it sags somewhat, hanging on the fence the way it does, but overall I am super happy with the result!

From behind

I hope you enjoyed this installation! If you're interested in making your own giant rainbow yarn bomb, I'll have the pattern available soon! So keep an eye out!

And remember, Love is love!

And as always, happy crocheting :)

Stephanie xxx

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