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Watermelon Coaster Pattern

Coasters are a staple in crochet projects. They're perfect for beginners, make great housewarming gifts and add a little extra to your home decor. They're also very versatile for crocheters; you can make them in any colour and there are thousands of coaster patterns out there, so I'm sure you can find the perfect one for your style. Even though there's an abundance of patterns available, I decided to share mine! And since its Summer, they're Watermelons! :)

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You will need:

  • 4mm (G) crochet hook

  • Medium weight yarn (I love Bernat Handicrafter 100% for coasters as it is very durable) In pink, white, light green and dark green.

  • Some black yarn or thread for the 'seeds'

This pattern will be done in continuous rounds. I.E, we won’t be joining at the end of each round, rather, we will be moving onto the next one by continuing to crochet into the first stitch of the previous round.

You will need to keep track of your stitches by either counting them meticulously, or using a stitch marker (I’d go with the latter). Incidentally, you don’t necessarily need to buy a stitch marker, you can simply use a loose piece of yarn.

Let's get crocheting!

With pink, chain 2

Round 1: 6sc in the second chain from hook (6sc)

Round 2: 2sc in each stitch around (12sc)

Round 3: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next, repeat around (18sc)

Round 4: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 2 stitches, repeat around (24sc)

Round 5: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 3 stitches, repeat around (30sc)

Round 6: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 4 stitches, repeat around (36sc)

Round 7: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 5 stitches, repeat around (42sc)


Round 8: 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 6 stitches, repeat around (48sc)



Tapestry Stitch

The striped, interchanging shades of green was achieved using the tapestry stitch. IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER TO CROCHET then do not attempt this. It takes practice, attention to detail and A LOT of patience.

So, as a beginner, please follow the pattern below:

Round 9 : With dark green, 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 7 stitches, repeat around (54sc)

Round 10 : 1sc in each stitch around. Fasten off, weave in ends.

If you are new to tapestry crochet then I recommend this fantastic guide from Red Heart:


For the tapestry stitch version, please follow the pattern below:

Using both light and dark green, we will be interchanging both colours with every stitch (i.e: 1 sc light green, 1sc dark green). We will be switching colours for every single crochet, so everytime you make a sc, you will be pulling up the yarn for the other colour.

In other words, if your current stitch is light green, you will be pulling up dark green yarn for the next stitch. Then, in your next stitch, you will be pulling up light green, and so on and so forth. This will be done all the way around, INCLUDING the stitches where there are two single crochet in one stitch.

Round 9 : 2sc in the next stitch, 1sc in the next 7 stitches, repeat around (54sc)

Round 10 : CONTINUING WITH THE TAPESTRY STITCH - 1sc in each stitch around. Fasten off, weave in ends.


The seeds are super easy to attach, just pull some thread (or yarn) from the TOP of the coaster (either with a yarn needle or your crochet hook) and then tying the ends together underneath. Refer to the photo(s) above for help with your placement.

And there you have it! A cute little Watermelon Coaster :) I hope you like this pattern!

If you have any questions, critiques or suggestions, please leave a comment below, or send me an email! All (constructive) feedback is welcome! :)

If you make any coasters, please share them online and credit Slipstitch Hollow & provide a link to www.slipstitchhollow.com or my Instagram @ slipstitch_hollow. You may NOT sell the pattern, share or distribute it in any form, repost it online, or alter it to claim it as your own.

Thank you and happy crocheting! :)

Stephanie xxx

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