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Nature Is Watching: Chapter 1

The famed eyeball tree of South America

What if trees had eyes? Eyes that don't blink, eyes that are always watching you, silently?

What if nature is, in fact, observing people? How would we feel? Would we behave any differently to how we do now?

In mid-December 2017, whilst visiting Ecuador, I started to crochet eyeballs. Why? I could make a ball no problem, but more that that, I had been crocheting scarves, beanies, bags and accessories for years now, and I wanted to go in a completely new direction with my work. I wanted to try creating artwork through this medium, in the form of sculptures and yarnboming.

Even though I didn't have a distinct idea in mind, I knew I could make an eyeball easily. I started crocheting eyes with the firm belief that inspiration would flourish in the process.

I had made eight eyes when my partner suggested I take them outside to his garden and try placing them all over to see what I can come up with. Well, the result is an EYEBALL TREE:

This is when I came up with the name for this installation: Nature Is Watching.

The Eyeball-Avocado Tree

Work in progress

If trees were watching us, how would we feel? Uncomfortable? Reassured? Safe? Frightened?

Ultimately my goal is to create a piece that is whimsical and light. It is NOT intended to be a statement about the environment. However, I consider it a positive if it does give people pause and encourages us to reflect on our impact on nature.

Before leaving Ecuador I took down all but one of the eyes. It will remain there, now a part of the tree, giving it the gift of sight (or the ability to creep people out).

I will be writing up a pattern for the eyes soon, so stay tuned! :)

Stephanie xx

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