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Nature Is Watching: A Life Awakened

Photo by Davis Chu

Summer is here and Festival season has begun in British Colombia! I love the heat, the music, the good vibes, hugs and smiles shared by festival goers like myself!

As such, I decided that this year I would try to add my own personal touch to the most recent festival I attended last weekend: A Life Awakened.

A Life Awakened is a fairly new festival, located 2 hours outside of Vancouver in British Colombia. It originally started as a group of friends camping in the wilderness in 2011, and with each passing year, it has evolved into an event that boasts "radical self-expression and open-mindedness."

Having just concluded it's seventh year with a modest number of approximately 1000 attendees, A Life Awakened is the perfect blend of music, dancing, sun and good vibes. This year it was located in Camp Cove, beside Harrison Lake with the most jaw-dropping view of the mountains you could fathom.

I attended with a group of friends and upon arrival, we were welcomed with hugs and even received help from the staff whilst we were setting up camp! All in all it was an amazing time, and I'll definitely be back next year!

Onto the crochet:

Once we were set up, I went about tying my Talisman Eyes all around the festival. I chose to tie them on as I would be taking them back by the end of the festival, and I wanted to attach them without causing the trees any damage. The result was whimsical, a little spooky, but overall, received very well by fellow attendees:

I'm really happy with the overall result of the eyes. They really added to the forest and the response from other festival-goers was overwhelmingly positive.

I'm hoping I can do this again at another festival soon! In fact, I have a lot more planned for the next festival, whichever one it may be!

Stephanie xxx

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