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Free Pattern Round Up: Wrist Warmers

September 9, Today's Category is:

Wrist Warmers

(Note: these patterns are NOT mine nor are they designed by me [unless I state so]. I have put together these lists as browsing crochet patterns is a favourite past-time of mine, and I love to share great finds with other crocheters! I always include the artist and a link to the pattern. If you use their pattern, make sure to drop them a comment, like, and a thank you!)

1. Mrs. Fitz Wristwarmers - Outlander Inspired by Polly Foo Foo LINK: CLICK HERE

2. Openwork Handwarmers by creativeyarn LINK: CLICK HERE

3. Folkloric Wrist Warmers by Patrick Hassel-Zein LINK: CLICK HERE

4. Odella Wrist Warmers by Johanna Lindahl


5. Shell Wrist Warmers by Emma Escott


6. Simple Crochet Wrist Warmers by Amy Loberg (FiberWild!) LINK: CLICK HERE

7. Prismatic Wrist Warmers by Lindsey Dale LINK: CLICK HERE

8. Sweetheart Wrist Warmers by Janaya Chouinard


9. Ammonite Wrist Warmers by Dedri Uys LINK: CLICK HERE

10. Catherine Wristwarmers by Kirsten Ballering LINK: CLICK HERE

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