• Stephanie

Beanies, Toques and Hats

I have made more beanies than any other item listed in my portfolio. I have no idea the exact number of beanies I've made since I started crocheting, but it's easily upwards of one hundred!

Beanies can be simple or extravagant, one solid colour or a beautiful mixed palette of different shades. Most people will need a beanie at some point in their life, and everyone's tastes are wildly different. The design possibilities for the beanie are limitless. These are the reasons I love to make them!

As you can probably gather from my work below, I'm a huge fan of colour. The brighter, the better. The more the merrier.

Many of the hats you see below are made from patterns I've found online, and many I have made freehand.

Enjoy! :)

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